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Friday, October 1, 2010

East of Eden: Chapter 3 Backtrack

Extra Question:

Go back and re-read the last sentence--better to go back to the paragraph before, as well.

Considering Adam's efforts to seek out Alice's smiles, is it possible he doesn't mind the beating and lack of credit for the little gifts, without either of which  this last smile--at best DIRECTED AT HIM, and at least IN HIS OBVIOUS PRESENCE--would not have happened?


  1. It's interesting that you bring this up because what had always occurred to me was more the, "slap hand on face in frustration," reaction. I wouldn't go so far as to say that he doesn't mind the beating, but clearly, as far as the gifts, his primary goal was always to see her smile, not to ingratiate himself to her. Now, would he have appreciated the smile more had he known that it was specifically for him? I have to believe he would have, but I think your point stands.

  2. But she would never have said anything to him if she knew it were him, so it's moot; though, yes, he would certainly have liked to have received the credit, I think.


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