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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Perhaps the Loveliest Wall I've Ever Seen; and BRICKS

As many of you know, this "wall" (not the one below, but the blog upon which that image is posted) is nothing like the "brick" wall I had at SASA.  If any of you ever happens to come across a particular image or draws or designs something like the bricks we had then, send it along via Facebook.  I'll post it here, or create a page just for showing off the bricks.  Or maybe we should do illustrations for each of the chapters of the books we read here....  Any thoughts?  After an entire book's worth, I imagine it could even be something worth trying to publish.  Hmm....

The wall here below was found by my wife.  "Your kind of bookshelf," she said of it.  Indeed!


  1. she knows you well. :-) that is a crazy wall.

  2. I have a sneaky, cynical idea that it's photoshopped....


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