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Monday, May 20, 2013

Finals Frustrations

O! such stripes we thrash upon ourselves
scourging on superiority,
or, as the case may be, I swear:
to but maintain mere mediocrity.


No, that's not really the title of the "poem" up there (and  those of you familiar with law school exams will understand this a little better than all the other students out there).  That it's only a "poem," I think, excuses it from my otherwise ordinary disdain for "untitled."  And besides, does this really even qualify as a poem?  Certainly less so than the little ditty I wrote about pens,which I actually thought was pretty clever, by the way, but which, if anyone actually read, apparently no one got.  Anyway, I thought this was kind of clever, too.  I "wrote" it while walking to campus to finish studying for my final 2L exam last week.

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