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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Wall -- the OLD wall

Most of you will remember "The Wall."  Thanks to Portia and Sevonna Brown, I was able to take it with me when we left Michigan.  For anyone else who's taking a look here, "bricks" like these were funny quotations from class, reminders, or just silly drawings instead of careful notetaking. 

Regardless of the funny, anonymous comment I got for the former wall picture, I thought that it would make a lot more sense to do it this way than the old way.

Each week--or every so often, more likely--I'll change the header picture to a photo of another brick from the old SASA wall.  (I'm sorry to the bricks' original creators, I have credits for only a couple of them.)

A couple others:

artist unknown

"Kandiliciousness," by Tyler Darland;
"Hey, Handsome," by Chris Largent

Got a BRICK?  Send it here.


  1. "Tortillas and Freaking Beans Dude," came during Steinbeck's TORTILLA FLAT.

    "Kandiliciousness" came from daily attendance, much to the chagrine of the young lady named for sweets.

    "Hey Handsome" (inset) -- I have no idea.

  2. Hey handsome is from my days of drawing in '07...I have no clue why i drew it....

  3. Oh, good! An attribution. Chris--I remember now, and how well its style matches so many of the others that yet bear your name! But this classic Chris of '07, what might be your more typical in '10?

  4. I'll claim my KANDILICIOUSNESS drawing, however its inspiration is class-wide

  5. Sorry about my late response to this one- my more typical these days is just...well kinda similar but with a bit more happening. I have started a wall myself in my college dorm of drawings that me an my friends produce during classes. maybe a new Largent Publication will be your way on a brick soon enough....


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