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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cowboys & Aliens

Awesome, right?


Or so I thought for the first five seconds of the trailer, and would have thought still had not the trailer shown Harrison Ford, as well as the names, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Steven Spielberg all associated with it.  Not that each of these is above reproach.  They've all had their share of rotten movies, but something about the ridiculousness of this concept paired with the faith of these four men enough to put their names, and in the case of Ford, his face, with it, tells me Cowboys & Aliens could really work, and who better than the gutsy nut, Jon Favreau.  Unfortunately, I can't say that I have yet quite the faith in Daniel Craig and even Favreau alone, at least by long term reputation, and much less Sam Rockwell to lean the whole tent on them, though each of them has done pretty good stuff, and I totally love Iron Man.


It all begs a bigger question:  Why do I care so much?  The movie's not out yet.  I've only seen two minutes of  montage.  How can that, let alone the cast and production crew (active or just figurehead), really indicate quality?

Creature Tech, by Doug TenNapel
It ain't so much about quality.  Sometimes a movie's good just because it is.  Last night I watched the new Clash of the Titans.  It was a terrible movie.  Really.  The thing's garbage.  I like the original better, and that's not nostalgia speaking.  But I loved it!  I had a blast.  It was ridiculous.  Manly.  Over the top.  Fun.  Stupid.  Exactly what I needed last night.

Yes, there is a place for crappy movies, and I don't care how crappy this one may or may not be, and here's why:

DOUG TENNAPEL, who was introduced to me by my wise big sister.

Haven't read him?  Pick up Creature Tech, and tell me it isn't an early iteration of the coming cinematographic attraction.  Read the book and tell me truthfully that you didn't like it, even if it's the epitome of B-movie-in-book-form schlock.  Do it!

Here's the trailer to the movie, by the way.


  1. This whole post reminds me so much of "King Solomon's Mines," I can't even begin to describe it. Also Dan Brown. I've always found his stuff entertaining, although it kind of has a bad aftertaste.

  2. Dan Brown sticks in my craw. Mostly because I'm jealous, and because I can't believe that someone who writes THAT BADLY is making so much money doing it.

    And, yes, I thought about your post also when I wrote this.

  3. The writing is horrible. That's not the point. The point is that the plots he thinks up are actually pretty decent. I am sure you will disagree, and I'm willing to hear you out, but it's probably not going to change the fact that I enjoyed his books as I read them.

  4. daniel craig as a cowboy? dream come true. harrison ford in the same movie as daniel craig. didn't dare to dream. both of them cowboys in the same big picture? hurrah! this looks awesome. guilty pleasure awesome.

  5. Katie -- I don't know why it disturbs me just a little that my fascination with cowboys steadily grows. I might have to watch The Magnificent Seven, soon, though this movie does nothing to match B-movie drivel.

    James -- Okay, you've got me. I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code, though I think I can still taste it in the back of mouth--sort of like McDonald's half a day later.

  6. EXACTLY. PERFECT COMPARISON. And your stomach begins to feel a little sick like with McDonald's. It's like, "Did I really just spend 6 hours reading that book instead of something... you know... worthwhile?"


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