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Monday, November 22, 2010

soliciting: STICK A BRICK

"Screaming Old Man," by David Connelly;
other two by Connie Podleski
Need an idea?  Once upon a time, BRICKS were thematized by the book we were reading in class.  I've got a whole mountain of 'em themed upon Voltaire's Candide, of all things (see example below).  So why not check again the list of titles we've compiled for posts on East of Eden?  Any one of them would make a pretty thick brick.

Here are all the East of Eden chapters to date:

(Send new bricks HERE.)
  1. The Salinas Valley 
  2. Introducing the Hamiltons and Our Gods (not exactly the same people)
  3. Cyrus, the Trasks, and Sexism and The Fall of Gods
  4. The Aches of the Restless and Young
  5. Meanwhile Back on the Ranch
  6. Restlessness, Part Deux -- Maturity
  7. The Return Home
  8. Nature versus Nurture
  9. From the Bottom Up
  10. The Trasks: Family Drama
  11. Adam is Taken with a Devil
  12. unblogged, and subject to your creativity
  13. The Glory Boys
  14. Olive, the Olympian
  15. Divination
  16. The Golden Man with the Goat's Eyes
  17. Of Meteors and Monsters
  18. To Bury Secrets
  19. What's the Opposite of a Church
  20. Treacherous to Her Master
  21. Calculation, Poison, and Patience
  22. Baptism, Minus the Water
  23. Flies on the Brain
  24. Timshel
  25. Resurrection and Glory, via Timshel
  26. The Beginnings of a New Beginning
  27. Abracadabra
  28. Just Call Me Joe!
  29. Shot Through the Heart
  30. ADAM to CATHY to LIZA to WILL; next Dessie and Tom; and there was the parrot, Polly, too
  31. Purple Eggs and White Pigeons
  32. THE GREAT ACORN CONTEST, scheduled perhaps on a day particularly perfect, as it happens, for bananafish
  33. There and Back Again
  34. Believe it or Not
  35. same as 34
  36. Liars
  37. Lettuce-Head
  38. Cal Trask, Softer than He Seems
  39. Caleb Trask, Super Hero
  40. The Troglodyte
  41. Prep for a Bean Bash

artist unknown


  1. um, so maybe i'm the only one, but what is a brick by literary definition?

  2. Katie, you may actually be the only one, because I have no idea if the other 2 followers who aren't former students ever read the blog!

    Years ago, I had my class in a cinder block once-storage closet. Things we posted on the wall for exhibit or reminder or whatever else, we called, for reason I don't exactly remember, a brick. By the end of that school year, one and a half walls were ENTIRELY covered with everything from the aforementioned exhibits and reminders, to notes, jokes, anecdotes, illustrations of ridiculous classroom quotations (it's amazing the quantity of goofiness that comes out of an open-ended English classroom where the teacher, for better or worse, isn't afraid of encouraging and participating in near-endless teasing and sarcasm) and literature moments. Most of the "bricks" were on paper 8.5x11, but I also had a few sheafs of colored paper which were often implemented. Bricks, I think, were one of my fondest memories of SASA, as they very nearly fully represented the entirety of my students there. Unfortunately, quite of few of the bricks will never be displayed, because they're not exactly appropriate, at least not without explanation of context (and you can never count on some naysayer considering context).

  3. I'm pretty sure the two Candide bricks were done by Connie Podleski. She has really distinctive handwriting.
    Hope everything is going well. I'm looking forward to looking back over this, and maybe even tackling some reading questions; I've just been trying to figure out the balance of work and school. Silly semester schedules.

  4. HANNAH! So good to see you!

    I'd love to have your input on these. Good luck with the balance. (It never gets easier.)

  5. I have to say, I am a little embarrassed to claim them, but the Candide bricks are indeed mine. I had forgotten about them. I remember my Coraline bricks, but not those two. I think I blocked them from my memory. However, I was thrilled to find them just because my name was Googled. It nice to have stumbled upon you both! Makes me smile to know you recognized my handwriting Hannah, or should I be concerned? I hope all is well for the both of you.

  6. Hey, Stranger! Good to hear from you. I can't speak for Hannah, but I'm doing very well. My family and I are in Ada, Ohio, where I'm attending law school, if you haven't heard. It's a challenge and a change, to say the least. Hope things are going well for you, also.

  7. Oh wow, you're not too far from me. Well, compared to how far Utah was. I am working on senior year here in Berea, KY. I am hoping to leave here next semester with a studio art: ceramics major, a second major in art history, and a minor in Latin. Currently everything is on track but I have had some intense semesters. This one is trying to really kick my butt but I am doing what I can to show it who is boss. I did see (on here actually) that you were attending law school. I must say very interesting, are you focusing on anything specific?


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