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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedneday's for Kids XXVI -- SEEK and DESTROY (well, except for the DESTROY part)

Something for kids and that kids love:

Who doesn't love "Where's Waldo"?
And a write up?  I'll let the Wiki do the work.
'Nough said.


  1. They should really create one in which there is no Waldo just to mess with people.

  2. That'd be great! We had a few WW collections when I was growing up, and Mom would let us take them to church to keep us quiet. I remember trying to draw my own and realizing how hard it was--not because the illustrations were of any particularly high quality (on the contrary; it's actually all pretty rough), but because there was simply so much to draw, and I couldn't realistically spend the time on every single character of the mural or it would take me a year to get through.

    We don't do WWs at my house now; we order those hidden object puzzle mystery games for the computer. Those are fun!

  3. What we did at church at that age was the "Highlights" hidden object puzzles.

  4. Yes! We loved those! I'll have to do a feature on "Highlights." GREAT magazine. We still get it sometimes, and it's even better now than it was when we (well, I -- I don't know when the improvements were made) were kids.


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