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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesdays for Kids XXV -- Choose Your Own Adventure

Started in 1975, Choose Your Own Adventure books, plus a riffraff of of imitators (some good--some even as good as better--and some not so good), have since been the launch pad for many a reading career, including mine.  While most of my childhood was spend in the unlikely-for-kids realm of nonfiction, so-called "game books," and a very select few novels, introduced me to fiction and led to the field's general take-over of my literary preferences.  Much like the "cha-ching" stories I told with my friend on sleepless overnights, I, an alleged control freak, along with another--friend and/or author--got to determine the story.  I loved them!

If you've never experienced the satisfyingly meaty pulp of Choose Your Own Adventure books and all their absolutely awesome badness, get yourself straightened out and pick up a set!  Your childhood is still recoverable.

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  1. Yeah, these were fun. I also like all the parodies that they've spawned.


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