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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday's for Kids XXVII -- DINOSAURS

I've learned, recently enough that it's even a little embarrassing to admit, that what I like--Joe the Grownup--has absolutely nothing to do with what kids like.  On the other hand stuff I liked as a kid, whether I'm still into it or not, does--to a degree.  But even then kids 25-30 years ago are not kids today.  (Duh, right?)  Basically what I'm getting at is that I am no authority on kid stuff.  Now this might sound redundant, but, well, basically, kids like what kids like, right?  And it doesn't matter or have anything to do with what mom, dad, teachers, or whoever else may foist on them.  Case in point (though not exactly completely contemporary): The Land Before Time series, which, for some reason, somehow, kids love.  But this is not a movie review.  (And it's bad enough just watching those "movies," let alone dwelling on them long enough to write a review!  Ugh.)

One assertion I believe I can make and with some authority is:


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