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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rudyard Kipling -- Our Next Author: PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE

Rudyard Kipling
While I can't say I've read tons of Kipling, I've made it through a fair amount of his verses and many of his stories.  For better or worse (likely the latter), I have not read The Jungle Book, and the Disney version, like the original or not (likely the latter), is on my short list of all time favorite movies.  That said, of his poetry/verse stuff I've read, this is my favorite:

I have eaten your bread and salt.
I have drunk your water and wine.
In deaths ye died I have watched beside,
And the lives ye led were mine.

Was there aught that I did not share
In vigil or toil or ease, –
One joy or woe that I did not know,
Dear hearts across the seas?

I have written the tale of our life
For a sheltered people's mirth,
In jesting guise – but ye are wise,
And ye know what the jest is worth.

It is the prelude poem, brief and surprisingly elegant, to his "Departmental Ditties."

SO HERE IT IS (because of the hope for short/fun):  I suggest that Kipling be our next author, and hope, therefore, to narrow our search down to one from the following three (please read a little about each and indicate your preference below in comment):
* added later, because, well, who doesn't need friends:


  1. I hope that this isn't the one that you want, but the only one that I'm AGAINST is "Just So Stories". I have the other 2 on my Nook, so it would be great if we could do one of those 2. Other than that, I'm good with either/both.

  2. All caps "AGAINST": how ominous! Any particular reason? (And the more I think about it and look over the three books, the more I'm open, really, to whatever.)

  3. Oh just because I don't have it on my Nook. And the all-caps was just because there are no italics in comments.

  4. I'm curious -- do any of the editions at gutenberg.org work on the Nook?

  5. I had not checked it out, but it says that they have them all for "epub", so if that's the case, then yes they would.

  6. I would vote for Kim. Also, for the record, I was pretty stoked to read Queen Loana, but by the time I got a copy I was nearly a couple weeks behind, so it's now on my summer list.

  7. Great, Ben! "Kim" intrigues me because of his stuff, I know the least about it.

    As far as Loana is concerned, when you get to it, I'd love your input on the past discussion.

  8. I was drawn to it because of its political and spiritual backdrop (more than a backdrop, really). Not to mention that I've never been huge on The Jungle Book (both the print and film versions disinterested me as far back as I can remember).

  9. Yeah, I'm leaning in the direction of "Kim" right now, particularly as I've been reading up on it a little over the last hour or so.

    Any dissenting votes out there?

    Ben, I'm curious about your disinterest for "Jungle Book." I'm guessing, though I'm easily wrong, that you're not much for anthropomorphization.... :)

  10. You ARE wrong! I am quite a fan of anthropomorphization. Life of Pi remains one of my favorite books to this day (finally picked up a copy, too!). In addition to how ridiculously enjoyable it is, it really influenced a lot of my belief system (and it showed that Canada is good for something besides hockey). As far as I'm concerned, talking animals are the bee's knees.

    I watched the Disney movie when I was a kid, and I don't remember liking it. I also had a copy of a live action version. Didn't like that either. Looking back, I think it might have been the live action one that ruined it for me.

  11. Whew! I was worried there for a minute! I have a similar problem with "The Lion King." It's really not that bad a movie, but I hate the stinkin' thing. I know it's a lot of people's favorite, so I guess I can be grown-up enough to acknowledge that maybe someone doesn't like my favorite. :) However, I saw the live-action versions (there are at least two of them) and hated them both. For me, Disney really got it right on that one.

  12. YOU



  13. Wallow in your shock, James. I ain't takin' it back.


  14. "Run away and never return."

    What's wrong with the movie? Do you hate butterflies and rainbows, too?

  15. Well, I guess the animation is okay, and Rafiki's kung-fu moves were always worth a couple replays....

  16. But I actually like the plot and dialog. Apparently no agreement. :(

  17. After what you did to "Pinocchio," you expect me to defer? Never!


  18. Didn't I just say that it wasn't as good as "Fox and the Hound"? That's like saying, "Rowling's not as good as Shakespeare!" Doesn't mean it's not good!

  19. Nor is invented "African" folktale as good as an age-old Italian cautionary tale. And besides, how would YOU know to compare Rowling to Shakespeare? Hearsay?? Ha! Take that, you and your backhanded self-aggrandizement! :)


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