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Monday, April 25, 2011

KIM IV -- chapter 2.2: "The Good-Tempered World"

Start reading at: "'Let thy hair grow long and talk Punjabi,' said the young soldier jestingly to Kim, quoting a Northern proverb. 'That is all that makes a Sikh.' But he did not say this very loud."
"om mani padme hum"
  1. How will the Lama know when he's found the River [of the Arrow / of His Healing]?
  2. Interesting, Kim's perspective: "The Good-Tempered World."
  3. We don't know much yet about Kim's Red Bull, but try comparing what we do know to "Nandi."
  4. The relationship between Lama and Kim is, to me, odd.  Kim, supposedly and according to the Lama, and to a degree Kim, is the chela, yet it is the Lama who relies entirely upon Kim, as guide, facilitator, tutor-of-the-world, etcetera.  What is Kim's reliance upon the Lama, and/or how does Kim benefit from the partnership?
  5. Well that was fast and easy!  Kim didn't even have to search in order to find the Englishman he sought:  Deus ex Machina or simply a cutting-to-the-chase?
  6. Kim's expert delivery and culling of secrets plus the India's British-rule culture of war predict what for Kim?
  7. The Lama's quest and his pursuit of it make me think of pilgrimages in general.  Any extended travel abroad, and that only for more than sightseeing-pleasure-seeking, is a sort of pilgrimage, akin to that of the Lama, whether the pilgrim so intends it or not.  Thoughts?
  8. Red is (as far as I can discover) considered the color of the rising sun and new beginnings.  Consider this against the color of Kim's bull.
  9. What if everyone were "freed from the Wheel of Things" (not according to Kim, though his answer is at least humorous, but according to you)?


  1. 1. I was wondering this, too.
    4. I think that Kim is the TA that does all the work, so that the professor can indulge himself.
    5. Probably the 2nd one. He did have pretty specific directions. Let's cut Kipling a break.
    6. Danger, and an improbable story.
    7. Yeah, and there's also a point in the first chapter when he mentions 4 divine Buddhist sites that he wants to see. I can't remember the quote, but the footnotes reference it.
    8. I'm kind of thinking of war/blood, too.
    9. Nothing would ever get done???

  2. 1. The answer comes soon in a simple passing statement.
    4. Ha! That's perfect.
    5. Yeah. I agree--reluctantly. Not reluctant because I don't believe that's what Kipling intended, because I'm sure he did, but because, well, how hard would it have been to include a sentence or two indicating a bit of a search?
    6. And hopefully an interesting story.
    8. The indications of red mentioned are Hindu, and bulls are sacred.... Maybe it will be a ... holy war?
    9. Ha! Yeah, I guess. Maybe the question should be, what would the world be like if everyone were a lama?

  3. 8. Ahh that's right. Good stuff. I'm excited to read chapter 3 now (hopefully tonight).


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