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Thursday, February 24, 2011


From The Riddle of the Traveling Skull (again -- I can't help myself -- Is there no end to Keeler's brilliance?):

A character, blackmailed for murder, seeks refuge without possibility of extradition in a fictional South American country by the name of San Do Mar, with possible plans to stop briefly in New Orleans along the way to await news from his friend.  He's worried about cold feet and comments that, "Yes, I--I am in a nervous state.  I know it.  And once I'm 900 miles or so from my home town, I'll--I'll be in a worse state than ever.  I'm even likely to head back to--to Canada--instead of giving the police a chance to pull me off of some United Fruit Company liner," to which the protagonist and the man's friend, not to mention employee, Clay Calthorpe brilliant remarks:

"No.  You're done for--if you do that.  
Canada is as much a refuge for you as--as 
Wisconsin lumber camp is for a lost virgin."



  1. Do you get the feeling that he wrote this entire story just to use this line?

  2. I've actually wondered this a couple of times. No matter the ridiculous plot, the bizarre names, and everything else that's so ridiculous, this guy knew how to write and had some seriously good and creative ideas.


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