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Monday, February 14, 2011


There is perhaps no poetry worse 
than the youthfully sincere and woefully inept love poem.

First Crush
I developed a thing for you in 98'.
We've became really committed over ten years,
Every time I see you those butterflies come back.
Over the years we got to learn each other's thoughts,
We compliment each other as a 60 degree angle to a 30 degree.
A lot of times you have saved me from stupid actions.
I realized without you,
The _____________ everyone has grown to love wouldn't be
the same.

All that is You
My dear
Passion holds you
If we're near: a close grip
If we're apart: a distant grasp
The emotion always strong
Days, hours, minutes, seconds spent daydreaming
Not in vain though
All dreams of you are above earthly value

Completion as our eyes meet
How amazingly your eyes present themselves
They are strong, yet warm and kind
The gentility of your intellect as well as
your boisterous joyfulness: unmatchable by any
May I never care for another.
May you be my beautiful Princess always,
Choosing me for your Prince.

My Love
Me and you thought it could be
People thinking we go out on the down low
Teachers telling me to think about me
You had me just like whoa
You had me in the deep end of the swimming pool
I can't swim slay
Now you playing me like a fool
I'm drowning 'cause your love is fading away
Now I need to get away from you
My love hav to go somewhere 'cause this is making me blue

It has but I'm not tellin' who
Hope what I feel is true

My love for you must succumb
I will and must get over this hump.


  1. ROFL Where did you get these? The best part is easily the last couplet of the sonnet.

  2. James, my friend, these come from three of your former classmates.

  3. LOL Oh well. Any publicity is good publicity.


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