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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday's for Kids XII -- Alice in Wonderland

There ain't nothing wrong with a good, purposeful double dip!

While I don't recommend reading this with little kids, the 8- to 10-year range is, I think, the perfect window for formal introduction to Alice.  Another of this book's tremendous gifts to readers is its layering, inherent to many of the best of the books:  while I still get something new from it each time I read and, in my typical way, have a tendency to, if anything, over-analyse, a kid can read or hear this book initially and superficially and still fall completely under its spell ... er, wonder.  This book is not a drug trip.  This book is not a some pedophilic dream (this is the saddest of its interpretations).  This book is, first and ultimately, a book written for children and, believe it or not (read with me and you may see it more clearly), by a child.

If you do have the grand occasion to read this with or to kids, skip the annotated editions.  Get a copy with the original illustrations and no superfluous references.  Sit on a couch with a blanket and snacks.  Nestle in.  Fall in.  Enjoy.

cover, 1898 edition

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  1. favourite book of all time. it's like an escape every time i read it.


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