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Sunday, July 31, 2011

INVISIBLE CITIES XX -- Chapter 3, ..... 1

  1. Kublai Khan notices that all of the cities are similar.  Really?  They all seem remarkably different to me--at least superficially.  How are they (here we go) perhaps even all the same city?  What evidence is there here at the opening of chapter 3 that this is so?
  2. What then is the difference--if different at all--between Marco's various accounts (of the same or different city/ies) and what Kublai does when giving details and asking if there is such a city?
  3. Now tie this into dreams.

M.C. Escher


  1. do you remember that magnetic sculpture grandpa center had on his desk--black base with thousands of tiny little diamond-shaped thin magnets? that's what the picture above reminds me of. i could play with that thing for hours.


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