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Monday, July 25, 2011


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Not much in the way of questions with Zenobia, but a couple thoughts, especially as they apply to what I said in the last post about the important I lay upon an author's creative source for a particular work: is it as pointless for me to do that as it is for a traveler to determine whether Zenobia is a happy or unhappy city?  While I can't full define it at the moment, these two questions, as well as the alternative Calvino offers on the second, seem strangely parallel.

So what do you think of Zenobia?  There are, of course, the typical questions I could ask.  Answer a question I haven't asked--whatever you think that might be?  I don't see everything--not by any stretch of the imagination; and my one limited viewpoint is in a bit of a rut.  What am I not touching upon, and what is the answer?
Why is Zenobia a Thin City rather than a City [of] Desire (and is my "of" rather than the given "and" significantly altering the meaning?)?


  1. I don't think that it's pointless because if you can uncover a sort of source of inspiration, then it might allow you to better understand what the author is trying to express.

    I think that the last question that the chapter poses is really interesting. Take Midland: whatever good you can say about it (and I'll admit that there's plenty), I don't think that it really shapes my desires in a way that maybe a city with more tradition/local flavor might. What difference would it make to grow up in a quirky, independent city versus a more corporate, bland place like I did? Not sure I can answer the question, but I just find it interesting.

  2. Interesting analogy. I wonder if it branches at all away from the concept of City....


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