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Saturday, March 5, 2011


I would be remiss if I didn't thank the late Martin Gardner (1914 - 2010).  It was his first edition of The Annotated Alice that attracted me to Alice in the first place.  It's a pretty thing.  I thought I knew Alice well enough, as I'd seen the movie.  But the book called, on, appropriately, a mid-November afternoon, lazy and snowy.  I stretched out on the couch to read.  It was the first book I read in one sitting.  I didn't read the notes that first time through, but eventually I got around to them, and then burgeoned my love and a substantial appreciation for Lewis Carroll's writing.

Interestingly, Carroll and Gardner were very similar.  While I'm no genius, as they both were, I can't help but feel some affinity toward both.

Thank you, Mr. Gardner.  Thank you, Mr. Carroll.  Your books and thoughts crackle with life.


  1. And thank you, yourself, for leading this. It was very enjoyable.

  2. I'm eager to read your hopefully-coming review at unmoderatedcaucus.


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