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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday's for Kids XV -- SEUSSIAN CAPTCHA

Happy Birthday, Good Doctor!

The Fraters Welosi and the Azablu Foush'ni
by Mr. Center with Captcha by Google

Old Zorlag and Jubat funcied in Welosi
wipling aboge’ more zyzafil ungly.
“If only, if only, weren’t Pento so mograble,”
said they, “then the pyrris would steshu inectable!”

But terrible Firlect, a construct of Flaticut
depotied the fraters and mingoed their crion up
a great ougue, with Paccateu thceileable Azablu,
vesesurping their loger by blisting a proscu!

But Zorlag and Jubat weren’t so easy to blist,
and “Untroff!” they called to more fraters in Brabst,
who came bibling on dancles to speaf all the skarrems
of Pento the Mograble, now depotied to Foushens!

“Shulashu!” pierped Zorlag, the old frater of Jubat.
“For Pento’s old pyrris is grint up in Flaticut!
“Our aboge’ is zyzafil,” said Jubat, “and ungly,
and we can all mingo in ragit, Welosi.”

*  I certainly don't intend to flatter myself or harbor dishonor, because this pathetically pales alongside both the great authors; but this terrible "poem" bears elements (though certainly weakly) both Seussian and Carrollian.  Of course, Carroll never wrote, that I'm aware, in anapests (and Seuss did them clearly much better), and Seuss's inventions, like Carroll's, make sense.  Besides, I had to meet my own challenge.  Regardless, I wish Dr. Seuss a good birthday, wherever he is; his stories have shaped my life!


  1. This is brilliant. I can't tell what it means, but I expect that I will spend the rest of my life trying to figure it out.

  2. Thanks. I think. The hardest part was getting the meter, and more so when the almost none of the words have an established syllable of emphasis. It was fun, though. I think I'll pick someone else to imitate with the next one-hundred Captchas.


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