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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Through the Looking Glass IX -- chapter 7: THE ALICE MONSTER

  1. 2 games: 1, the characters Nobody and Somebody; and 2, what's so clever about the Anglo-Saxon messengers' inclusion in Alice's impromptu "I Love My Love" beginning now with the typical A by an H?
  2. We've seen before how Alice's words or wishes affect her surroundings.  Here the ham sandwich and hay; before the cakes and cordials.
  3. The Lion and the Unicorn
  4. The attitude of the Unicorn upon seeing and meeting the twice-as-natural-as-life Alice reminds me of a rather unfortunate trend I first noticed while living in Italy, but have since observed quite more than I'd like in the United States: that is parents having children (well, the impetus of the having is debatable, but the subsequent treating of them is not) not, in the Darwinian attitude, to carry on their line, but to flout as a fashion accessory, like taking a fancy dog for a walk, but only after tricking it out in fancy collar and gilt clothes.  The child becomes no more than a purse or a cell-phone, and is quite forgotten for being sentient and independently mobile.  Poor Alice!
  5. The drums fail to drum out of town the two fighting monsters, but succeed in drumming out Alice.
  6. (There is political repartee here in chapter 7, and you're welcome to bring it up if you like.)


  1. 1. Got the first. Had no idea what's going on with the 2nd.
    4. Yes, indeed. Bad enough when it happens to dogs, worse when it happens to children.
    6. Not really familiar enough with the politics of the time to comment. I'm sure that there's a ton.

  2. The Anglo-Saxon drops the "h," in which case the Hatta and Haigha yet begin with the traditional "a."

    I don't know much about the politics either. The Lion and the Unicorn, as drawn by Tenniel, and likely supported by Carroll, as he had definite political proclivities for one and against the, are caricatures of politically active figures.


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