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Monday, December 6, 2010

East of Eden LIV -- chpt54: LATE AZALEAS

Happiness blooms late as the azaleas in the Trask residence and the tardy spring.  Interesting that as the inhabitants of the Salinas Valley find their superstitious way into blaming the war for the uncommon seasonality, so the Trasks' happiness might be considered late, though happy it is, and--well--is this happiness in spite of or because of the war?

Does the ultimately required resolution of the book's conflict depend on Aron's mortality (not morality, thank goodness)?


I think it's hilarious that both Cal and Abra ask, one after the other, Adam and Lee to come and join them on the picnic.  I wonder if for the maybe the first time in his life Adam catches on and claims necessary business at the ice house.  Lee, who's becoming both softer and more acerbic in his old age, just tells Cal he's a moron and refuses.

the very reason I wouldn't mind
living in California


  1. Interesting question. I think the happiness is because of the war in the sense that they're only happy because Aron is out of the picture, sadly.

    I think that Aron has to die because it's a book about going forward after making a great mistake. The mistake is not fully realized until Aron dies. Can you imagine if he had come home a changed man? There would have been no story for Cal.

    By the way, when are you going to call the vote on the next book? I'm ready for more. :)

  2. I think if you had to narrow this book down to one conflict and one protagonist, though it spans Adam's life, it is Cal and his internal conflict. If that is so, then yes, I agree that Aron has to die.

    (Just trying to get the word out there, because I want some more participants!)


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