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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wednesday's for Kids [30] -- ORIGAMI

Watching the new POTTERMORE announcement this morning on Facebook, not because of it's similarity to pop-up books, which are plenty cool, too, but because, well ... uhm.  I don't know.  Whatever.  It reminded me of origami this time.  Must be the owl at the end of the ad.  Anyway, origami is cool for kids, and for grownups--even, and perhaps especially, for the lazy ones who just want to look, rather than do.

For kids:

I had this book when I
was a kid; I have no idea
where it is now.

For grownups:

I REALLY want this book.  Discover this
on your own.  Really.  Do it.  Amazing.

Here is Robert Lang (click his name for his website and surf around the spectacular compositions), one of the two foremost experts in origami--not, originally anyway, because of his artist proclivities, but because of his work's scientific/mathematic necessities--talks about it below.

All with a single sheet, un-cut sheet of paper:


  1. I don't know how some of this is even possible. I have enough trouble constructing a paper airplane that will fly anywhere.

  2. I got pretty good (by "kid" standards, anyway) once upon a time, and my dad and I still have fun doing paper-folding (origami? where's the line??) at Christmas time and hand-made ornaments and the like, but this stuff goes far and beyond. That's why I'm really interested in Lang's book.


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