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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jane Eyre XXXIII -- chapter 32: EXEMPLARY LOVE or TANGENT

32 is another chapter that passes the reader simply from one point to another, though the destination remains nebulous.  The story, while doubtfully in context of the whole of the story (which I don't have yet), appears tangential, and for that comes across as over-long and superfluous.  I do wonder, particularly as Jane is yet dreaming of Mr. Rochester, that there is something in the development of the difficult relationship between Mr. Rivers and Miss Oliver that will somehow inform or influence Jane--but to what end?  If not, then I really don't see the point of drawing so far out this secondary story.



  1. Well, I won't say whether it's tangential or not, but here's one thing that occurred to me while I was reading this chapter.

    Isn't there a similarity between Jane's refusal to marry Rochester and Rivers's reluctance to marry Oliver? If both of them would, "follow their hearts," they'd probably be happier, but they would feel guilty of betraying their religious obligations.

  2. I thought the same, and that's why I suspect a connection between the two -- Oliver/River, Rochester/Eyre. I just don't know, obviously, what it is.

  3. Arg, this is so hard. But do I regret reading ahead? Not really. I regret the power outage that made me do it.


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