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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

F Is for Fitzgerald


  1. Gonna have to go with Faulkner over Fitzgerald. :)

  2. Faulkner is more skilled, without a doubt, but I go back to Fitzgerald for seconds and thirds.

    Do you recognize the story, by the way?

  3. Not sure I do. It's not "Benjamin Button," is it? Because if it is I will have to punish myself.

    My problem with Fitzgerald is I hold the fact that "The Great Gatsby" is over-rated against him, which isn't really his fault.

    Meanwhile, "As I Lay Dying" and especially "The Sound and the Fury" are two of my favorite books ever.

  4. I'd read a great deal of Fitzgerald long before I ever got around to "Gatsby" (a combined result of a high school that emphasized grammar highly above literature, and a university program that assumed its students had read all the major works already so targeted the lesser-known works). "Tales from the Jazz Age" is one of my favorite short story collections ever. It provides "Benjamin Button," as well as the "Mr. Icky" short "play," and the short "play" (again) called "Porcelain and Pink," the source of the layout. At face value, the stories are humorous sketches, but, as is my typical penchant, there's so much more to them than meets the eye.

  5. Aside from Fitz, I would be willing to assert that Robert is at least as skilled a poet as Faulkner is a novelist/story-teller.

    You know, just for the record.

  6. I'm not well versed enough in poetry (see what I did there?) to be able to shed much light on that one.


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